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Mountain Guides

Mountain guides are not easy profession in waist circumference by the hapless climbers across the world though, because the task of mountain guides in the end, to make scouts familiar with the terrain, not afraid to get lost and get lost. 
Easier to do mountain climbing activities. 
And if you need the services of mountain guides in Indonesia in general and mountains in Java in particular please contact us. 
Please contact the contact number: 
+62 85 643 455 685
It's all talked about, from internal and external issues and all the necessary equipment. 
For each mountain path not always the same price, adjusted for the difficulty level and the distance of the mountain will rise.
  • Climbing for 1-3 people (Special Beginner) 
  • Ascent with more than 5 members / Team
  • Package Service 
  • Provide Personal equipment and grouping equipment 
  • Using Porter when needed to bring supplies to the team (personal light fixtures can be taken alone)
  • Guide For on the mountain 
  • Note if need to climb permission 
  • Length and Sleeping Bag for rent when needed 
  • Medical Mountain
  • Guide Our guides have long made their profession in professional trekking guides. 
Safety is the main thing that matters: especially when climbing and adventure. Everything about adventure you can share and discuss with us. In the wild, death is closer than we are beating

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Beaches Patehan Bantul

 Beaches Patehan Bantul

Merupakan one of the beaches in Bantul, the row starting from Samas - Pandansari - Kuwaru - Pandansimo. This beach is also known as the Coast Pandansari. This beach is located 17 km to the south of the town of Bantul. Pandansari still rather quiet beaches, fishermen do not look at this beach. Journey to get to the beach this Pandansari of the city of Yogyakarta or Jogja is easy, with only trace Jalan KH Hasyim Wachid is heading south, continue straight toward Bantul, exactly in the direction of Samas Beach.

The uniqueness of this beach is in addition to the towering lighthouse, the beach is still arguably quite virgin. Not many tourists visiting here because the beach is overshadowed by Samas Beach to the east or to the west Pandansimo Coast. Not to mention access to the beach is not enough, that is the way to go to the beach is still broken. The special feature of this beach is like the west coast is a little more rock, high waves, and the sand is black-gray. Do not expect to relax on the sand or swim in the sea when it will visit this beach. Grayish sand with ferocious waves make less Pandansari beautiful beach compared to other beaches.

Sources: http://ryandxter.blogspot.com/2011_11_20_archive.html

Tracking Code Cave

Every community activities and must have certain rules, as well as community activities and cave crawler. And what about the Code of Conduct for searchers cave?

Each cave crawler realizes that cave environments are very sensitive and easily contaminated. Therefore cave crawler must:

Do not take anything except taking portraits (Take nothing but picture.)
Do not leave anything except footprints (Leave nothing but footprints)
Do not kill anything except time (Kill nothing but time)

Each penelusurkan harm that can not be redeemed.
All through the cave and examine it, carried by the crawler cave cave aware, that any natural formations in the cave was formed over a period of thousands of years. Every effort is damaging the cave, pick up / move something in the cave without purpose.

CLEAR and SCIENTIFIC SELECTIVE, full adengan RESPECT, without interrupting and drive bota lives in a cave.

Each cave crawler realizes that Speleology activities, both in terms of sports / scientific terms is not a business that needs his watch and did not need an audience. In the case of caves, the cave crawler must act appropriately. The cave crawler not despise their skills and abilities fellow searcher. Instead, one cave crawler violate ethical if forcing himself to take action - action beyond the limits of physical ability and technique, and mental readiness. Respect for fellow searchers cave, shown each crawler by means of:

Not using materials / equipment, which left another party without their permission.
No harm to other searchers, such as throwing into the cave, if anyone in the cave, decided / ordered to cut ties with another group that is being used.

Do not incite people around the cave to ban / stonewall - obstruct another party to enter the cave, because none cave in Indonesia owned by an individual, except when the cave was purchased in question.
Jaukan same job and not publish them in the mass media to conduct the same study, when there was a known group is doing / in the scientific media.

Do not rashly assume you're the creator of something, if you are not convinced that there are no others, have also been discovered earlier anyway, and do not report things that are not true for the sake of sensation and prinadi ambition, because it means lying to yourself and the world Speleology
Therefore, any attempt to publish a cave search results, should not be by way of personal achievement includes, without considering that any caves is a team activity.
In a publication, please menjelek - demonize even the name of a fellow searcher searcher doing negative things, criticism of fellow searchers will give a negative picture of all penelusur.etiap caves effort is a joint effort. Not achieved their own business.


1. Speleology world in various countries continue an appeal to all browsers, in order to keep it clean in the cave environment, sustainability and purity.
2. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION GUA, should be the ultimate goal and Speleology do well by each crawler cave.
3. CLEANING THE CAVE and the environment, being first duty crawler cave
4. When fellow cave crawler require emergency care, any other cave crawler must give aid, it is within their means.
5. Each cave crawler shall respect the people around the cave. Because ask for permission as necessary, if possible, in writing from the authorities. Do not make a scene / take action - action that violates ketentaraman / offensive persaan population.
6. When asked for permission from the competent official, it must be perceived as an obligation to make a report and submit it to the agency. Where have asked counsel to the crawler / another expert, the report shall also be submitted to the crawler / advisors that individual.
7. Part - the part that dangerous in a cave, shall diberitahuakn to the other searchers, if you know of other groups that trace the cave.
8. PROHIBITED ITEMS Flaunt - THINGS OFF / ON THAT FOUND IN CAVE, CAVES TO AMONG NON ​​crawler / NON EXPERT Speleology. This is to avoid strong encouragement, who will almost certainly arise, for picking objects - objects that, to private collections. If felt necessary then only display photo - picture only.
9. NOT RECOMMEND published the results - DISCOVERY IN THE CAVE, before any attempts are absolutely sure of protection from the authorities. The destruction of the cave by the layman is the responsibility of the author of the news, when they visited the cave - the cave as a result of the publication in the mass media.
10. In many countries, ANY DISASTER experienced searchers GUA REPORTED TO FELLOW TAXPAYERS searchers, through the existing MEDIA Speleology. This is necessary to prevent another catastrophe.
11. Being a cave crawler absolute obligation, to INFORM THE NEAREST FAMILY PARTNERS, TO THE LOCATION WHERE HE WILL GO HOME AND WHEN WILL. In places nearby cave site MUST INFORM PEOPLE, YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS WHEN will the searcher and is expected to finish the tour. Shall notify the WHO SHOULD CONTACT, IF crawler GUA not out at the appointed time.
12. The cave crawler ATTENTION MUST WEATHER CONDITIONS. Must examine whether there is the danger of flooding in the role in the cave, when heavy rains, and researching the location - the location where in the cave that can be used to save themselves from the flood.

13. In every disaster, every cave crawler shall act calmly, without panic, and shall comply with the INSTRUCTION LEADER crawler GUA / representatives.

14. Each crawler GUA COMPLETING MANDATORY BASIC GEAR WITH HIMSELF, on activities that are more difficult to use equipment that meets the requirements. He must have the knowledge and skills on the use of the equipment before through the cave.

15. Each cave crawler MUST TRAIN YOURSELF IN MOTION through the cave perbagai SKILLS AND SKILL USE EQUIPMENT - used.

16. Each cave crawler MUST READ VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS OF THE CAVE, CAVES AND EQUIPMENT ENVIRONMENT, TO KEEP GROWING knowledge. For those who are able to do penelititan and scientific observations, are required to write a publication for fellow searcher / Speleology other experts can benefit from the paper - the paper.